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Chiang Mai Free Walking Tour 2020

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Impressions of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Free Walking Tour 2020 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Compared to Bangkok's splendor, Chiang Mai seems a lot fresher and more relaxed. Ancient towns, long religious history, literary street shops, dreamy afternoon teas like girls, lively bazaars at night, and the surrounding mountains and quiet lakes make people think they are walking into Taoyuan. Leisurely. In Chiang Mai, you don't have to hurry to see the sights, you don't have to be busy like a city, but you can spend lazily and enjoy a comfortable time. Chiang Mai, this "Northern Thai Rose" has attracted countless people because of its beauty, romance and honest folk customs. As Teng Lijun sings: There are many stories in the small city, full of joy and joy. If you come to the small city to gain a lot.


Thai visas can be processed in advance or on the ground. Due to limited airport windows and uncertain waiting times, visas on arrival are shorter than ordinary visas and visa fees are higher. Therefore, tourists are advised to obtain visas before departure.

Ordinary visa

Bring a round-trip ticket order, the official application form of the Thai embassy website, a certificate of deposit greater than 10,000 yuan, proof of employment, a passport and photocopy valid for more than 6 months, and a two-inch color photo within six months to the local ambassador Submit by the visa office or consulate.

Validity: 3 months

Duration: 60 days

Visa fee: 230 yuan

Processing time: Apply one week in advance, usually three jobs will be signed.

visa on arrival

Bring a passport and photocopy valid for more than 6 months, a two-inch color photo within six months, a round-trip air ticket order within 15 days, 10,000 baht (about 2,000 yuan) per person, and 20,000 baht (4,000 yuan) per household. After successful processing, the staff will give an exit card, pay attention to retaining the exit card, will be used when leaving.

Validity: 15 days

Duration: 15 days

Visa fee: 2,000 baht (only baht in cash). Free entry visa fee before April 30, 2020

Location: Airport Port of Entry

important hint

Airport immigration managers will randomly check the cash carried by inbound tourists. Travel visas need to carry cash or equivalent foreign currency 20,000 baht (per person) 40,000 baht (per household), so it is best to exchange a certain amount of baht before departure and use it locally It's also convenient. Don't be lucky, once spot checks are found to be unsatisfactory, you may be repatriated.

Classic route

Chiang Mai Classic 6 Day Tour

D1 Chiang Mai Ancient City (Chidilong Temple, Tha Phae Gate)

D2 Suthep Mountain-Ssangyong Temple-Po Ping Palace-Chiang Mai University-Ningman Road

D3 Elephant Camp-Chiang Mai Women's Prison Massage-Chiang Mai Night Zoo

D4 Chiang Mai Jungle Leap-Sunday Night Market

D5 Tiger Park-Phra Singh Temple-Chiang Mai Night Market

D6 Chiang Mai Shopping

Best travel season

Thailand is hot all year round, and Chiang Mai is the same. Tourism is first from November to February, followed by April. There is a water lantern festival in November, a flower festival in February, and April is the grandest water splashing festival. When you can experience the local style. However, there are many people who come to Thailand during domestic public holidays, so it is recommended to book air tickets and hotels 1 month in advance. In addition, April is also the hottest time, the highest temperature can reach 40 ℃, tourists must pay attention to heatstroke and replenish moisture in a timely manner.

Consumption and payment

Chiang Mai is a place with relatively low consumption in Thailand, which is similar to third-tier cities in China. It costs about RMB 100 per day to eat and drink. Visitors are advised to change their Thai baht before leaving the country. They can also bring some US dollars when they are not enough to exchange them locally. UnionPay cards are also very convenient to use in Chiang Mai. Credit card and cash withdrawal are supported. Some ATMs also have Chinese interfaces. International credit cards are accepted throughout the country. In addition, Alipay and WeChat can also be used in convenience stores, large shopping malls and restaurants in Chiang Mai. Chinese people are more convenient to travel.

Recommended must play

Taupe door

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Play time: 1 hour

Features: The welcome gate of Chiang Mai is the only relic preserved in the ancient city of Chiang Mai. This is the place where the net celebrities in Chiang Mai take pictures. There is a small square in front of the door where pigeons can be fed. There are also many hotels and restaurants around, and Chiang Mai's famous Water Lantern Festival celebrations also started from here.

Chedilong Temple

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Play time: 2 hours

Features: The largest of the six temples in Chiang Mai, and one of the two highest-ranking temples in Chiang Mai, is famous for a large stupa with visual impact. The Great Chiang Mai earthquake of 1545 collapsed the spire of the Great Pagoda overnight, but revealed the golden Buddha statue inside the pagoda. The temple has a gold leaf praying point, and the gold leaf can be pasted on the pagoda of the horoscope to pray.

Suthep Mountain Ssangyong Temple

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Play time: 3 hours

Features: Thailand's famous Buddhist summer resort is a natural lookout point in downtown Chiang Mai. On the mountain is the famous Ssangyong Temple and the summer palace of the King of Thailand-Puping Palace. The Shuanglong Temple is brilliant and magnificent. The stupa enshrines the Buddha's relics and attracts believers from all over the world to make pilgrimage every year. When the weather is fine, the entire old city of Chiang Mai has a sweeping view and is a good place to take pictures.

Phra Singh

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Play time: 1 hour

Features: Chiang Mai's largest and most incense-prone Buddhist temple is one of the two highest-ranking temples in Chiang Mai. The murals in the temple are based on the ancient costumes and customs of Chiang Mai. It is a representative work of traditional art in northern Thailand. The temple offers meditation classes so that even foreign tourists can sit back and relax in a Buddhist temple. Every year in April, the Songkran Festival, Wat Phra Singh is also one of the main celebrations.

Chiang Man Temple

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Play time: 30 minutes

Features: Chiang Mai's first temple is also the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. The square stupa carried by 15 elephants is the most distinctive landscape. There is a standing Buddha built in 1465 in front of the altar in the temple. It is the earliest Buddha statue found in Chiang Mai so far.

Night zoo

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Play time: 3 hours

Features: Thailand's largest zoo can get up close to wildebeests such as wildebeests, giraffes, white rhinos and zebras at night, as well as beasts such as tigers, lions, black bears and crocodiles. The most exciting thing is that tourists can feed the animals and definitely not miss it.

Nimman Road

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Play time: half a day

Features: A very literary and fresh street. It is a fashion and art gathering place in Chiang Mai and a favorite place for young people. There are many small shops, cafes, bars on the street, and many are opened by artists and celebrities. Chiang Mai's most famous dessert shops and cafes also gather here, perfect for taking pictures and enjoying afternoon tea.

Changkang Road Night Market

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Opening hours: 18:00 to 00:00 the next day

Features: One of the three major night markets in Chiang Mai, not only can you taste a variety of local snacks, but also a variety of handicrafts, tourist souvenirs, massage shops, bars, etc. Tourists come here for a night's shopping, eating and drinking can be satisfied.

Saturday night market

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Opening hours: Every Saturday from 16:00 to the next day at 00:00

Features: The night market outside the south gate of Chiang Mai City is much cheaper than the night market of Changkang Road. Clothing, crafts, antiques, creative gadgets, etc. can be found, as well as local snacks and Chiang Mai special souvenirs.

Sunday night market

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Opening hours: Every Sunday from 16:00 to the next day at 00:00

Features: Chiang Mai and even the most famous bazaar in Thailand. It runs through the ancient city from Tha Phae Gate to Phra Sin Temple. In addition to food and souvenirs available at other night markets, there are many fusions created by young local designers. Baubles of Thai classical and modern aesthetics. Tired of shopping, there are snack stalls, horse and chicken massage, performances, etc., is a night market that tourists must go in Chiang Mai.

Must eat

Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are four main types of Thai cuisine: Northern Thai, Northeastern Thai, Thai Chinese, and Southern Thai. Chiang Mai is the representative of northern Thai flavor. Curry noodles, pig skin, and sour meat are the most representative of northern Thai cuisine. Traditional Thai food is also more refreshing and healthy than other places. The other two must-try experiences are the afternoon tea and western restaurant in Chiang Mai. The coffee beans grown in Thailand and the authentic Western food prepared by Europeans and Americans have opened the door for new taste buds for tourists who are tired of Thai food.

There are many restaurants in the old city of Chiang Mai, and there are also several main areas for eating-Night Market, Ningman Road, and around Chiang Mai University. Taste authentic Thai food, from elegant upscale restaurants to family restaurants hidden deep in the alleys. Ningman Road is the world of cafes and dessert shops. The night market is mainly for snacks and snacks. The university is surrounded by cheap and delicious snack streets. There are also many online celebrity shops in Chiang Mai. Try, there are many recommendations on the vibrato.

If you are in a hurry or want something simple and convenient, the 7-11 convenience store is a must. In Thailand, 7-11 can be said to be a panacea. Thai fried rice, sandwiches of various flavors are filled in several cabinets, and they will not be resampled for a week. There are also snacks, drinks, Thai instant noodles, dim sum and domestic. As long as you have rice balls, pasta, etc., you will not be afraid that they are not delicious.


Curry noodles, pig skin, sour meat, green papaya salad, Tom Yum Goong, grilled fish, mango rice, barbecue, coffee, smoothies, etc.

Restaurant recommendation

Breakfast World, Seafood Noodles, Sunday Night Market, Mango tango, IBerry.

Must visit shopping district

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is Thailand's second-largest tourist city. Not only are internationally renowned brands much cheaper, but local brands are also cheaper. MAYA and Kad Suan Kaew are large shopping malls in Chiang Mai. If you want to buy big-name clothing and cosmetics, you can choose here. If you want to buy some special small things, the night market and the small shops in the market are the best choice. Sunday Night Market is especially recommended. It is Asia's largest market for handicrafts. Wood carvings, lacquerware, silverware, porcelain, paper products, silk cotton fabrics are exquisitely crafted and inexpensive. Want to buy delicious, the traditional old market Valolo market and Big C are the best choices, dried fruits, mountain tribal arts and crafts, go to the market to buy some fresh fruit is also very good to eat every day. If you ca n’t keep up with the night market, the city ’s KP specialty chain stores are also the best choice. Thai latex pillows, Thai latex mattresses, Thai crocodile leather bags, Thai silk, Thai silver, Chiang Mai essential oil, aromatherapy, handmade soap, handmade cow leather products and crafts, etc. ,cheap price.

Featured goods

Pure plant skin care products, longan honeycomb honey, local brand cosmetic skin care products and facial masks, mosquito repellent water, salves, dried fruit snacks, handicrafts, etc.

Shopping recommendations

MAYA, Kad Suan Kaew, Night Market, KRAPPOM, Big C.

Tax refund

On the same day, if you purchase more than 2,000 baht in the same mall, the total purchase is more than 5,000 baht, and the products with the words "VAT Refund For Tourists" are printed. When leaving the country, check in at the airport customs before consignment security check.



If you only go to Chiang Mai, there are direct flights to Beijing, Kunming, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Macau and other places. Chiang Mai International Airport is about 4 kilometers away from the ancient city of Chiang Mai. There are double cars, tuks, Taxis take tourists to the city, and there are also cars at night, which is very convenient.

Intercity traffic

Train: Chiang Mai Railway Station is to the east of the ancient city. It can be accessed at any station throughout Thailand. There is a baggage storage station at the station. It takes about 10-14 hours by train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. There is a night train. If you want to save money, you can sleep on the train. You will arrive at Chiang Mai the next day at noon. If you are planning to take a train, it is recommended to buy tickets in advance after arriving in Thailand.

Coach: Chiang Mai Bus Station is located in the northeast, and there are many trains, which can go to Bangkok and other provinces. There are VIP, first and second class cars, and there are no sleepers, so if the road is far away, only the first two are recommended, which is more comfortable. There are lockers at the bus station, but space is limited.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Local public transportation

Chiang Mai's main attractions are basically concentrated in the ancient city, the urban area is not large, the travel modes are diverse, the most commonly used are double car and tutu car. Taxis in the city are relatively rare, mostly concentrated at airports and bus stations. If tourists need to, they can ask the hotel to call for a taxi.

The double car is a "bus" modified by a small truck, and it stops immediately. Red has no fixed route and is the most common. It basically travels around the city and costs 30 baht per person. If you want to go out of the city or farther away, you need to ask the driver if you want to go, and talk about the price in advance.

Tutu cars are similar to domestic motorcycles. They are very common means of transportation. They are also beckon and stop, but they are more expensive than double cars. Basically 50-60 baht per person in the city. There are also charges based on the total price of multiple people. Talk to the driver about the price before getting on the bus.

In addition to the two most common methods mentioned above, renting a car yourself is also a good choice, and it is more free to play. Bicycles cost about 50-100 baht a day, and rental points can be found everywhere in the city. Renting a car requires a deposit or a passport or photocopy. Tourists are strongly advised not to deposit a passport, which is not safe. Bicycles are more suitable for playing in the ancient city, the traffic outside the city is more chaotic, and safety is not guaranteed.

As Chinese driver's licenses are not recognized by Thailand, and Thai cars drive right and left, speed is fast, and traffic regulations are different, tourists are not recommended to rent motorcycles and cars.

Travel tips

jet lag

Thailand is an hour behind Beijing, China.


Tourists are advised to buy local phone cards. Happy Company in Thailand has launched package cards for tourists. It has unlimited use of 3G / 4G networks within 7 days, which is very affordable. It can be bought with a passport at 7-11 convenience stores. General hotels, coffee shops and large shopping malls will provide free WIFI for customers.


Thailand is a Buddhist country. There are many temples throughout the country. Tourists are not allowed to wear shorts, short skirts, and sleeveless tops when visiting temples. Women are not allowed to hand items to monks.

Thais have great respect for the royal family, and tourists must not do anything disrespectful to the royal family. Serious people may even violate the law.

Thailand has strict regulations on tobacco and alcohol, and it is not available for purchase under the age of 21.

something else

There are many mosquitoes in Thailand. It is recommended to buy mosquito repellent water at a local 7-11 convenience store.

Thai food is hot and spicy, and tourists with sensitive stomachs are advised to prepare corresponding medicines.

List of travel notes for a long journey
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