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US East Coast Freedom Travel Guide 2020

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East Coast Impressions

US East Coast Freedom Travel Guide 2020 New York City, USA

If the American West is the representative of natural style, the American East is the essence of human history. Washington, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida, New Jersey and other famous east coast resorts have drawn the original look of the United States, as far as the "Declaration of Independence", the Boston tea incident, and the "911 incident" and so on. The historical events we know also happened in this area, and countless museums and memorials have attracted people who love humanities. The East Coast is also the political center of the United States. It is also the financial center of the United States and the world. Land is also the best place to learn about American history.


The US visa is a bit complicated. You need to apply online and pay the fee first, and then make an appointment for an interview. You may also receive a telephone survey before the interview. It is recommended that you apply at least 2 months in advance. Because the US visa has an interview, even if the materials are OK, it may be refused to sign up due to the performance of the interview. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not pay or choose a guaranteed order such as cancellation when booking your itinerary, or buy it after you get your visa Air tickets to avoid financial loss due to visa problems.

Visa type: B-2 visa

Visa validity: 10 years

Duration: up to 6 months as determined by the visa officer.

Visa fee: $ 160

important hint

The interview will arrive 30 minutes in advance. You cannot bring any electronic equipment, liquids, school bags and other items into the embassy. You can only bring all visa materials and proof of payment in a transparent pocket. There is a locker at the door, but it is very expensive. It is recommended to bring your family or friends as much as possible to allow them to help get things. Answer the questions of the visa officer honestly during the interview, and eliminate their concerns about your immigration. If the passport is returned at that time, it will be rejected.

Before departure, you need to register and update the information on the EVUS system before you can enter the United States smoothly.

Classic route

US East Coast Classic Great Circle Line 12 Day Tour

D1 New York: Metropolitan Museum-United Nations Headquarters-Central Park-Empire State Building-Times Square

D2 New York: Statue of Liberty-Wall Street-Ground Zero (9.11 World Trade Center Site)-Brooklyn Bridge

D3 Philadelphia: Independence Hall-Liberty Bell-Italian Market-Rittenhouse Square-Philadelphia City Hall-Reading Agricultural Distribution Market

D4 Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art-University of Pennsylvania-Washington

D5 Washington: White House-Washington Monument-National World War II Memorial-Lincoln Memorial-Jefferson Memorial

D6 Washington: US Capitol-National Museum of Natural History-National Gallery-National Air and Space Museum

D7 Niagara Falls

D8 Niagara Falls-Boston

D9 Boston: Harvard University-MIT-Trinity Church-Newbury Street-Hancock Building

D10 Boston: Massachusetts State House-Boston Park-Freedom Trail-Bunker Hill Monument-Quincy Market

D11 Boston-New York-Fifth Avenue

D12 New York: Outlets

Best travel season

Compared to the West Coast, the East and the United States have four distinct seasons, with hot summers and cold winters, and each season has different highlights. In spring, the cherry blossoms in Washington and Philadelphia are in full bloom, and the scenery is as good as Japan. In summer, grand open-air events cover the entire eastern United States. Music, independence day, and special festivals are a good time for carnival. Autumn, the harvest season, is naturally inseparable from the Food Festival, and the film festival and Halloween are also gathered. With the advent of winter, there are endless discount activities in major shopping malls, as well as Christmas and New Year's Eve, accompanied by falling snowflakes.

Consumption and payment

Consumption across the United States is high, and the East is no exception. Generally speaking, restaurants and hotels will be very expensive, and they will also be the biggest contributors to tourism consumption. Supermarkets will be cheaper. In addition, a considerable part of the payment is tipping, and the waiters, bellmen, drivers, etc. all need to tip 1-2 dollars.

Before departure, exchange some small denomination cash at domestic banks. One dollar, two dollars, and five dollars are the best. 50 and 100 denominations are not recommended. Small shops can't be found, and it is easy for thieves to stare.

UnionPay cards are very convenient to use throughout the United States. Most merchants can use UnionPay cards for consumption. Almost all ATM machines can take US dollars, and some machines have Chinese interfaces, but you need to pay attention to the cash withdrawal fee. Compared to debit cards, Visa and Master credit cards are more convenient, and AE American Express cards are also very convenient. Some large shopping malls, luxury stores, duty-free shops, etc. can also use WeChat and Alipay, but the popularity is not widespread in the United States.

Recommended must play

Statue of Liberty

American Statue of Liberty

Play time: 3 hours

Features: American symbols and national monuments, a gift from France to the 100th anniversary of American independence, has now been listed as a World Heritage Site. Under the base is the Museum of Immigration History, which records the history of millions of immigrants crossing the sea to come to the United States.

New York Metropolitan Museum

New York Metropolitan Museum

Play time: 3 hours

Features: One of the world's three major museums, the largest art museum in the United States, covering 3.3 million pieces of various precious cultural relics and artworks in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe and other places.

New York Central Park

Central Park, New York, USA

Play time: 2 hours

Features: New York's largest urban park, known as New York's back garden, contains a zoo, children's playground, theater, artificial lake, ice rink and other sports venues, as well as a wide lawn for visitors to rest.

new work time

New York City, USA

Play time: 3 hours

Features: New York's entertainment and shopping malls are known as "the crossroads of the world". Nearly 40 malls and theaters are clustered nearby. Neon advertisements and large screens on both sides of the street are a highlight. The most famous New Year countdown every year is held here.

Empire State Building, New York

New York City, USA

Play time: 2 hours

Features: Once the world's tallest building, it is a symbol of the US economic recovery and a landmark of New York. Here you can see not only the panoramic view of New York, but also some of the nearby 4 states. Classic scenes in movies such as "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Beijing Meets Seattle".

Fifth Avenue

New York City, USA

Play time: 1 hour without shopping, more than half a day shopping.

Features: The famous luxury street. The classic shot of Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Tiffany Breakfast" is in front of the Tiffany window on this avenue. At Christmas, the window displays and Christmas trees on Fifth Avenue are beautiful.

Brooklyn Bridge

New York City, USA

Play time: 2 hours

Features: America's oldest bridge that connects downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City. It is the world's largest suspension bridge and the first steel wire suspension bridge in the world. When completed, it is considered the eighth wonder after the seven wonders of the ancient world. You can watch the high-rise buildings and beautiful street views of Manhattan at sunset, and you can watch the fireworks here on July 4th every year.

United States White House

United States White House

Play time: 30 minutes

Features: The office of the President of the United States and the official residences of family members, the focus of worldwide attention. If you are particularly interested, you can apply for an internal visit through the official website 3 months in advance.

United States Capitol

United States Capitol

Play time: 1 hour

Features: The famous white dome building, the office of the United States Congress. Many people confuse the White House with the Capitol. In fact, many news reports are set in the Capitol. The inside of the Capitol is easier to visit than the White House, but you also need to make an appointment as early as possible. A small number of tickets will be issued at the door, but there is some luck.

National Air and Space Museum Washington Branch

Washington National Air and Space Museum

Play time: 4 hours

Features: The most popular museum in the United States is the world's richest collection of aviation and aerospace science and technology. The fields covered include aviation, aerospace, earth and planet, and aviation history. Inside the museum, you can see planes, astronauts, rockets, missiles, various aero engines, and propellers that have important historical significance and represent cutting-edge technology. In addition, there are a large number of models, flight equipment, replicas of important aviation events, and relics of inventors and pilots. Such as Wright brothers' aircraft, Apollo 11 return capsule and so on.

World Trade Center Site

New York City, USA

Play time: 1-2 hours

Features: The place where the "911 Incident" that shocked the world took place is now called zero. The World Trade Center's twin towers were one of New York's landmarks and were the tallest buildings in the world at the time, but they collapsed in an attack on September 11, 2001. A memorial is built near the site to tell and remember the disaster.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia, USA

Play time: 2 hours

Features: The third largest art museum in the United States, with more than 300,000 pieces of art, especially the most famous of French Impressionist works, and the largest collection in the United States. Van Gogh's famous "Sunflower", Renoir's "The Bather", and Picasso's "Three Musicians" are all collected here. The elevated platform outside the museum offers views of Philadelphia's wide Franklin Avenue and the beautiful urban skyline.

Niagara Falls

Meaga Niagara Falls

Play time: 1 day

Features: Transnational waterfalls in the United States and Canada, one of the three largest waterfalls in the world. The waterfall consists of a horseshoe-shaped waterfall, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. On the American side, you can see the American Falls up close and overlook the Canadian side. Take a boat cruise or climb the watchtower to experience the spectacular waterfalls in all directions. In addition, there are projects such as an exploration center and an aquarium around the waterfall.

Must eat

New York City, USA

Boston, USA

The diet in the United States is very diverse, and the East is an immigration region. Immigrants from all over the world bring different cuisine styles here, so global specialties can be eaten on the East Coast.

The most memorable food in Boston is the Boston lobster. The biggest feature of the black-green Boston lobster is a pair of prawn tongs. The tongs are thick and the shrimp is tender and delicate. In Boston, you can find places to eat lobsters all over the street. Fresh cooked lobsters can be eaten directly after they are cooled.

Fast food is the most representative food throughout the United States. It is not only convenient, but also large, delicious and satisfying. Tacobell, Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts are the most famous chains, KFC, McDonald's, and Burger King are more common. In particular, New York fast food has a history of more than 100 years in the United States. Brooklyn hot dogs, pizza at street stalls and delicious waffle breakfasts are all the most authentic authentic dishes in New York.

For dessert lovers, don't miss the authentic American pie here. All kinds of pie can be called the king of American desserts, the most classic is apple pie, in addition to cranberry pie, blueberry pie, strawberry pie and so on. A variety of fruit pie, served with ice cream balls, is also the favorite American "pie pie way". Brownie is also one of the best desserts. It is one of the main desserts recommended by major restaurants.

In addition, there are some Michelin-starred restaurants in New York. If you want a luxurious feast, remember to check the restaurant in advance and make an appointment.


Boston Lobster, Bagels, Pancakes, Hot Dogs, American BBQ, Apple Pie, Fast Food Restaurants.

Must visit shopping district

New York City, USA

As one of the world's trendsetters, New York is undoubtedly the best place to shop on the East Coast. It gathers the world's top department stores. Many of the single items are listed first in the United States, and the prices are much cheaper than domestic ones. Rice is cheaper and more amazing. The well-known luxury goods, cosmetics and local-born sports brands are the first choice for tourists to shop. In addition, the weekend flea market is a good place for Taobao, while the local large supermarkets are the first choice for snack specialties. It is recommended that tourists who like to shop, at least a day to visit the outlet discount store, if you have time, you can also check out the major luxury flagship stores.

Shopping recommendations

Luxury goods, skin care products, cosmetics, NBA team merchandise, theme park souvenirs, major brand clothing, MM beans, etc.

Tax refund

Basically, there are no tax refunds in popular cities on the east coast. Because the United States does not charge federal excise taxes, there is no national tax refund system. States and cities will charge state and local taxes at rates ranging from 0% to 9%. The more prosperous a city, the higher the tax rate. Throughout the United States, only Texas and Louisiana have clear tax refund rules.



Usually travel to the East Coast, there are more tourists who choose to enter New York, and there are more domestic flights to New York. There is a bus or subway from the airport to the city. It is generally not recommended for tourists to take a taxi, the price is more expensive, and tipping is required. Self-driving tourists can choose to pick up and return the car at the airport.

Intercity traffic

Tourists who do not intend to drive by themselves can choose to take trains and cars to travel between major cities, but usually trains are expensive and slow, so they prefer planes and cars as their first choice. Long-distance buses in the United States are more comfortable. The seats in the car are spacious and have toilets. Each seat is also equipped with a power socket and free Wi-Fi throughout.

New York City, USA

Local public transportation

Basically, the city has subways, buses, trams, etc. It is more convenient to go to various attractions. The East American public transportation is very developed, and the attractions are mostly concentrated in the urban area, so it is recommended to use the subway for travel. In the most popular cities, taxis and self-driving cars are not recommended, it will be very expensive, and there will be serious traffic jams, and parking spaces will be very difficult to find.

Travel tips

jet lag

There are four time zones in the continental United States, and the east coast uses the eastern time zone, which is 12 hours behind Beijing time. If you travel to the east from the west, central, etc. of the United States, remember to adjust the jet lag.

safe question

Even in big cities, there are some areas that are not safe, such as the old town. It is not recommended to take an alley or stay in a small place after sunset. Do not go to dangerous areas such as Harlem, New York Especially female tourists, let alone travel at night alone. Robbery in the United States is high, and some robbers even have guns. If you encounter them, don't resist. Raise your hands. Losing property is better than losing your life. Remember to call 911 afterwards.

Encounter the police on the road, be sure to cooperate, follow the command and do not move, otherwise the other party will think you are armed or offensive and fire.


Free WIFI is available in cafes, hotel lobby, etc. Internet access in hotel rooms may be charged. It is recommended to buy a local card, which will be convenient to use Google Maps, and there is a signal even when you go to remote areas. You can also rent a portable wifi, just pay attention to charging it in time.

Alcohol restriction

In the United States, you must be 21 or older to buy or drink any type of alcoholic beverage.

List of travel notes for a long journey
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