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Hong Kong Free Travel Guide 2020

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Impressions of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Free Travel Guide 2020 Hong Kong Mong Kok

Hong Kong, a crazy shopping and gourmet city, a legendary movie destination. If you want to summarize Hong Kong in one word and one sentence, I am afraid it will be more difficult. Lan Kwai Fong, a paper shattered gold fan, a well-prosperous Mong Kok, the brilliantly illuminated Victoria Harbor, and a quiet and pleasant outlying island are like a thousand people's hearts in the heart of a thousand people. Everyone also has their own Hong Kong. It is undeniable that this is definitely a place to linger and is waiting for your exploration.

Hong Kong and Macau Pass

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Processing time

The first application takes 15 working days (from the acceptance date, excluding postal days and holidays), and the reapplication is within 10 working days.

Expiration date

This type of passport is valid for 5 years; the new version of the passport is valid according to age, and those who are 16 years or older are 10 years; those who are less than 16 are 5 years.

Dwell time

7 days

Number of Entries

Endorsement once every 3 months, endorsement once every 3 months, endorsement once every year, and endorsement twice a year. Multiple endorsements for one year are only issued to Shenzhen residents.

Essential materials

Two 2-inch photos, original and photocopy of identity card account, application form.


Exit and Entry Administration Center of Public Security Bureau.

Special Note

From September 15, 2014, the new Hong Kong and Macau Card Pass will be activated, and no sticker-type endorsement will be issued. The Hong Kong-Macau Pass and sticker-type Hong Kong and Macao endorsements that are still valid can continue to be used. Holders of Hong Kong and Macau Passes in this form can continue to apply for a sticker-type endorsement or apply for a new version of the pass.

If you travel in Hong Kong and Macau, you need to apply for Macao endorsement at the same time.

Classic route

Hong Kong Classic 4-Day Tour

D1: Ocean Park-Causeway Bay

D2: Victoria Peak-Central-Victoria Harbour-Lan Kwai Fong

D3: Hong Kong Disneyland

D4: Avenue of Stars-Tsim Sha Tsui-Nathan Road-Mong Kok

Hong Kong and Macau Classic 7 Day Tour

D1 Hong Kong: Ocean Park-Causeway Bay

D2 Hong Kong: Avenue of Stars-Victoria Peak-Central-Victoria Harbour

D3 Hong Kong: Hong Kong Disneyland

D4 Hong Kong: Lamma Island

D5 Macau: Sanshenba Archway-Rose Hall-Front of the Senate Pavilion-Fisherman's Wharf

D6 Macau: Longhuan Portuguese Rhyme Residence Museum-Guan Ye Street-The Venetian Macao

D7 Hong Kong: Tsim Sha Tsui-Nathan Road-Mong Kok-Lan Kwai Fong

Best travel season

October to May is the best time to travel to Hong Kong.

From October to November, the average temperature in Hong Kong is more than 20 degrees. It is warm and comfortable, and is suitable for visiting Disney, or for outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing. However, the National Day holiday accommodation and air tickets will increase accordingly.

12- February is the busiest time in Hong Kong. The atmosphere of Christmas, New Year and the Spring Festival covers the whole city. The Victoria Harbour New Year fireworks and the Chinese New Year float parade are not to be missed. Christmas and Chinese New Year's Eve is also the time when the mall's discounts are greatest. At this time the listing is tight, it is recommended to book 2 months in advance.

Consumption and payment

The daily price of Hong Kong is higher than that of the Mainland. The cost of accommodation is higher than that of domestic first-tier cities. The level of catering consumption is comparable to that of Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. Tickets for some famous tourist attractions are more expensive, and buying tickets online will be relatively cheaper.

All ATMs in Hong Kong support UnionPay cash withdrawals, which can be exchanged for a small amount of Hong Kong dollars first for payment at traditional stores, street stores or tea restaurants. Most stores in Hong Kong support WeChat and Alipay, but sometimes there are consumer activities with UnionPay cards, which can be more cost-effective.

Recommended must visit

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Tour time: half a day or one day

Features: The largest marine aquarium and theme park in Southeast Asia, enjoying the title of "World's Most Popular Theme Park". The park is divided into two parts: the mountain peak park and the mountain bottom beach park.

Not to be missed: Pacific Coast, Oceanarium, Haitao Pavilion, Shark Pavilion, Ocean Sky Tower, Dolphin and Sea Lion Show.

Travel Tips: You can play according to the following tour routes, 100 Bird Park-Roller Coaster-Extreme Tour-Jellyfish Pavilion-Ocean Pavilion-Panda Pavilion-Butterfly Pavilion-Carousel-Cartoon Interactive Theater-Frog Jump-Animal Story Workshop-Weiwei Tiandi Playground-Old Street.

Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong Avenue of Stars

Tour time: 1 hour

Features: The theme of the movie is the fingerprints and signatures of many Hong Kong film stars and famous directors, as well as bronze statues of international kung fu star Bruce Lee and Hong Kong cartoon character McDull.

Not to be missed: celebrity handprints, celebrity bronze statues, Victoria Harbour views.

Travel Tips: This is a great place to see the views of Victoria Harbour, especially at night. Every night at 20:00, there is a multimedia light music show "Symphony of Lights", and sometimes a small fireworks display is also cooperated. In addition, there are about 30 music, dance, theater and other performances or exhibitions every month.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Tour time: 2-3 hours

Features: Asia's first and the world's third largest seaport, with a long coastline and numerous attractions on the north and south sides. After night, the scenery of Wanjia lights shining on each other is included in one of the "Three Night Scenes in the World".

Not to be missed: Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island's distinctive buildings, and the bustling metropolis.

Activities: Victoria Harbour will host large-scale activities such as cross-sea swimming, fireworks displays, dragon boat invitations, etc. If you can catch up, don't miss this wonderful event.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Tour time: one day

Features: The fifth theme park in the world built in the Disneyland model, the eleventh theme park in the Disney world, including Fantasy World, Tomorrow World, Adventure World, Homecoming Base, Grizzly Valley, American Town, and Blurred Manor Area.

Don't miss: Disney cartoon characters, fairy tale buildings, flying parade, fireworks show.

Activities: Fireworks show starts at 19:00, the best viewing position is in the square in front of Sleeping Princess Castle, it is best to arrive 30 minutes in advance, the best position facing the center of the castle. The parade usually starts at 15:30. The best viewing position is the sleeping princess roundabout garden. It is best to find a position 30-45 minutes in advance to ensure that you can sit comfortably and be good for taking pictures.

Travel Tips: There are relatively few people in the morning, and there will be more and more people in the afternoon. It is best to try to finish some popular items in the morning, such as flying over space, Mickey's Fantasia, Bath Lightyear interstellar adventure, and then play some less popular in the afternoon. Attractions, shopping before leaving the park at night.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Tour time: 2-3 hours

Features: Victoria Peak is the highest point in Hong Kong, with an altitude of 554 meters. It is the most prestigious luxury residential area on Hong Kong Island and the best place to overlook Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour.

Not to be missed: overlooking the view.

Travel Tips: When it comes to Victoria Peak, it is best to choose to approach dusk, not only can you watch the city landscape during the day, but you can also wait for the night to fall, the whole city changes momentarily.

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tour time: 2-3 hours

Features: Hong Kong's busiest shopping and dining area is also one of the nightly urban areas of Hong Kong. There are a number of large department stores and large shopping malls in the area, which is a must-go place for the masses and even many Asian celebrities to sweep their goods.

Don't miss: Times Square, World Trade Center, Sogo Department Store, Jardine's Crescent.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui

Transportation: Take the Tsuen Wan Line and get off at Tsim Sha Tsui Station.

Features: Kowloon's main tourist area and shopping area, there are also a number of museums and cultural centers, restaurants and bars are also booming, can be regarded as the heart of Hong Kong.

Don't miss: Harbour City, Sun Plaza, Hong Kong's largest mosque.

Must eat

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Hong Kong is a food paradise, from snacks to big meals, from home and abroad. Roasted meat, tea restaurants, and Hong Kong-style desserts are not to be missed by almost any tourist. In addition to the famous restaurants, the humble old shops in the streets are also loved by Hong Kong people. The diet of Hong Kong is similar to that of Guangdong, and morning tea is the beginning of the day. The tall teahouse, grounded restaurant, offers morning tea at 6am every morning, overcrowded, the variety of snacks is dazzling, and it is not the same for a few days. For those who like late night snacks, they are not afraid to have nothing to eat at night in Hong Kong. Many popular locations have many food stalls open until the middle of the night. This is not only the most local life experience, but also the most authentic Hong Kong taste. There are even chances to meet big stars. In addition, there are many Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, and veteran food lovers must not miss it.


Burdock, roasted meat, pineapple bun, baked milk tea, wonton, car noodles, raw congee, claypot rice, poplar manna, beef balls, fish eggs, Hong Kong-style egg tarts.

Restaurant recommendation

Cuihua, Jiu Ji Burdock, Chi Ji, Australian Dairy Company, Jinhua Ice Hall, Ji Ji Restaurant, Hua Ji Ice Chamber, Mai Wenji.

Must visit shopping district

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In addition to eating, drinking, and having fun in Hong Kong, another big thing is shopping. Trendy clothing, gold jewelry, international luxury goods, digital products, etc. are much cheaper than the mainland. There is no tax refund in Hong Kong, because it is basically tax-free here, so even if you go to ordinary shopping malls, the price is good. The biggest discount period is from July to September every year and Christmas and New Year to February of the following year. Some brands will also introduce Christmas limited sets, which are great value for money, but the popularity is also hot at this time, so Be sure to buy your flight early to book your hotel. As a trendy place in Hong Kong, young people must not miss the tide brand shops here. There are a lot of tide brand shops in popular areas such as Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, and many star celebrity shops also gather here. If time is loose, it is recommended to set aside two days for shopping.

Shopping recommendations

Harbour City, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Citygate.

Special gifts

Hong Kong-style moon cakes, egg rolls, handmade cookies, bird's nest, wife's cake, etc.



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Basically, there are direct flights to Hong Kong from all parts of the country. There are many flights and it is very convenient. The Hong Kong International Airport is divided into Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. There is a bus connection between the two buildings. The Airport Express operates daily at 5: 54-23: 28 every 10 minutes, allowing easy access to all parts of the city. . The airport also has 5 bus lines to downtown and Hong Kong. It is about 50 minutes without traffic jam. The major hotels in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories also have hotel shuttle buses to pick up and return passengers to and from the airport and major hotels in Hong Kong. The service hours are from 6:00 to 1:00 the next day, every 15 minutes. Airport taxis are divided into red (urban taxis), green (New Territories taxis), and blue (Lantau taxis). Generally, you can take a red taxi to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

There are three train lines in the Mainland that can also reach Hong Kong: Beijing Line, Shanghai Line and Guangdong Line. The Beijing Line and Shanghai Line through trains depart every other day. The Guangdong Line has Dongguan (Changping), Guangzhou East, Foshan, and Zhaoqing Stations. The Guangzhou East Direct Train runs 12 trains a day, of which 10 trains stop at Dongguan (Changping) Station.

You can also choose an inbound bus to and from Hong Kong within Guangdong Province. Shenzhen, Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong and Guangdong-Hong Kong Stock Connects operate many companies. Guangzhou, Foshan, Wuzhou, Yunfu, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and other places have direct buses to Hong Kong. Guangxi Nanning has also opened inbound buses. In addition, with the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Zhuhai Port can take the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge shuttle bus to Hong Kong, which will arrive in about 30 minutes and will be available 24 hours a day.

Another option for some coastal cities is to take a boat to Hong Kong. Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port, Doumen Port, Zhongshan Port of Zhongshan City, Shunde Rongqi Port, Dongguan Taiping Port, Guangzhou Lianhuashan Port, Nansha Port, Kaiping Sanbu Port, Jiangmen Port, Heshan Port, Gaoming Port, Taishan Public Welfare Port, Shenzhen Shekou There are ferries from Hong Kong and Airport Terminals to Hong Kong Terminal. Among them, Zhuhai Jiuzhou can arrive in Hong Kong every day, and Shenzhen Shekou and Fuyong Terminal have the most frequent flights.

Local public transportation

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For tourists unfamiliar with Hong Kong, MTR is the best local means of transportation, which basically covers most of the popular attractions and business districts in Hong Kong. The fare is divided into segments. Tourists can buy Octopus at the airport, convenience stores, etc. to recharge and use it. They can also buy full-day passes. It is more affordable to use MTR for 24 hours from the time of use.


Hong Kong buses are all over Hong Kong, and some even operate overnight. It is mainly composed of franchised and non-franchised buses, of which franchised buses are mainly provided by NWFB, Citybus, KMB, Long Win Bus and New Lantau Bus. The fare ranges from HK $ 1.8-48. You need to bring your own change before boarding There is no exchange on the car. There is a broadcasting station name service in the car. The station name of each station is not obvious. Where to get off, only ask the driver or passengers on the same car. For tourists unfamiliar with Hong Kong, it is not recommended to choose a bus, or download the mobile apps "Citybus and NWFB" (Hong Kong Island and Airport Bus) and "KMB" (Kowloon District and Cross-harbour Bus) to check the route.


Minibuses are a preferred mode of transport for Hong Kong people, and are divided into red-top minibuses and green-top minibuses. Green-top minibuses have fixed routes and accept Octopus; Red-top minibuses have less fixed routes. Most of them only accept cash and do not accept Octopus. Passengers who are not familiar with the route need to say hello to the drop-off point, especially the red-top minibus.


Trams are also known as Ding Ding trams and are the oldest means of transport in Hong Kong. There are 6 main routes in Hong Kong, connecting Shau Kei Wan and Kennedy Town, walking on specific tracks on the road, the service time is 6: 00-24: 00, regardless of distance, the fare is HK $ 2.3, accepting Octopus and cash2 Payment methods. Trams run slowly, giving visitors another way to see Hong Kong.


The Star Ferry is one of the most important modes of transport in Hong Kong. It travels between Tsim Sha Tsui-Central (Tier 7) / Wan Chai Ferry. The fare is HK $ 2.5-3.4, and the operating time is about 6: 30-23: 30, every 6 Every -14 minutes. In addition, Star Ferry also provides a "Star Star Victoria Harbour Cruise" service, which is the best way for tourists to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the strait.

Travel tips


There are many places in Hong Kong that provide free WIFI, including government venues, Hong Kong International Airport, tourist attractions, subways, public telephone booths, shopping malls, coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, Cyberport and Science Park. Of course, it is also recommended that tourists open data packages or buy local phone cards or Internet cards. The three major operators will also have preferential activities from time to time, such as unlimited multi-day data packages. It is not recommended to rent mobile WiFi, not only pay attention to power, but also inconvenient to carry.

Transportation discount

Octopus is a public transit card in Hong Kong with a wide range of applications. Apart from discounts on public transport, convenience stores, vending machines, and some fast food restaurants can also be used. For tourists, it is also more convenient to rent an Octopus. You can return your card at the Airport Express when you leave Hong Kong, but you need to charge some handling fees. For tourists who come to Hong Kong for a short period of time, MTR has also introduced three types of tickets for unlimited rides on the MTR within the specified time period: the tourist day pass, the tourist transit tourist ticket and the airport express tourist ticket. Trouble, tourists can choose to buy according to their own itinerary.

unit of measurement

Hong Kong's 1 catty is equal to 16 pairs, which is different from the Mainland, so pay attention when buying bulk items.

No smoking

The smoking ban in Hong Kong is very strict, and most areas in all workplaces, public places, restaurants, streets and public playgrounds have been designated as non-smoking areas. Smoking in non-smoking areas is punishable by a fine of up to 5,000 Hong Kong dollars.

Floor indication

The "underground" in Hong Kong addresses does not refer to the ground floor, but the ground floor berth, which is the first floor of the mainland. The "upstairs shop" is another characteristic of Hong Kong. It refers to those shops whose entrance is on the ground and the shops are on the non-ground floor. Some of these shops are quite unique.

List of travel notes for a long journey
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